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Privacy policy
Privacy policy
MAS CO., Ltd. makes a declaration of the following
(1) We observe laws and guidance on personal information listed below, and appropriately manage and protect personal information.
1) "Law on protection of personal information"(Law No.57, 2003)
2) "Guideline on personal information protection in the areas under jurisdiction of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport"
(Ministerial announcements of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
3) "Guideline on personal information protection in the financial sector"(Ministerial announcements of Financial Services Agency)
4) "Guidance on the measures for businesses in order to ensure appropriate handling of personal information regarding employment management "(Ministerial announcements of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry)

(2) We also pay close attentions to the characteristics of the business, and nature and volume of its personal information the business handles, in order to properly handle personal information.

(3) We take necessary and appropriate information security measures to safely manage personal information and to prevent leaks, loss and defamation of the relevant personal information.

(4) We continuously review our site for improvement in order to further ensure the protection of personal information, and also at the time laws and guidelines are established/updated. Revision of this policy shall be posted on our website.

Created on April 1, 2007
Masakazu Kimura, President
MAS CO., Ltd.
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