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What's MAS
What's MAS
Operation and maintenance by contract system
Lease business including contract processing from the start of the business
We take care of all the necessary operational procedures on behalf of you, including contract, termination, legal procedures and rent collection. Also we provide the system to address the maintenance business such as repairing and inspections in and out of apartments/condominiums, and complaint handling to have greater latitude in your lease management.
Tenant management and collection
Mansion Life Administer System carries out from the tenant management to rent collection for the owner.
Appropriate complaint handling õ
Mansion Life Administer System provides empathetic care to handle tenants' complaints and requests.
Mansion Life Administer System arranges all the burdensome maintenance work including the repair and cleaning of vacant rooms for you.
Regular report on operation status
Mansion Life Administer System submits reports on a regular basis, for you to understand the operation status of the rental apartments/condominiums.

Operation and maintenance by contract system
Property Management
Real-Estate Consulting
For the owner of apartments for rent
What's MAS
Our record
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